Intro to Addictive Substances Victoria

My name is Jason and I am the CEO of an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program . We also provide outpatient addiction treatment and rehabilitation options for the people of Geelong and the Barwon Shire. I am creating this blog to share information about my experience with various substances of dependence during my 22 years of active addiction.  I am also going to share some hope that recovery from addiction is possible .  Many people when they start seeking assistance for addiction have trouble negotiating the complex service systems within both the Victorian drug and alcohol service system and the mental health service system. Finding the right information at the right time can be hard to achieve. Combined with a range of different services all with different philosophies and approaches with the. trauma and fear attached to addiction can be very frustrating. Together, the Intro to Addictive Services blog Victoria would like to provide some practical and evidence-based info